not in my life, but still on my mind

(or "a letter to a friend I miss")

Dear Friend That I Miss:

I found out today that I get to visit San Diego next month for work. You and I used to joke around about how nice it would be if that happened, since our own travel plans were always so difficult to coordinate, and now here it is. Which makes me a little sad, because you aren't there - physically or emotionally. Yes, you're away on one of your own long-term work trips right now, but I also know that, even if you were home, I wouldn't get to see you, or even let you know I was in town.

And I hate it. I hate thinking about how much fun it would be if I could see you when I'm in San Diego next month. I hate watching "Lost" every week and not being able to analyze it with you. I hate seeing movies that I don't get to tell you about. I hate having funny stories from the gym that I can't share with you. Most of all, I hate the fact that - at the most random moments - I will see or hear or think something that reminds me of you.

Because it makes me realize how much I miss you.

~ sleepeybear

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