you've got to be kidding me...part 2

I've mentioned before how ridiculous I think the prices can be for the printing services that copy centers offer. Today, I have an even more entertaining story for you.

I have a written proposal due on Friday for which I drew this really fantastic US map...color-coded, well-labeled...let's just say that I'm really proud of the big ideas that this map encompasses. But I went through several drafts of this map, so every time I created a new draft, I imediately scanned it to my computer (okay, so I asked our Office Manager to scan it, since she has the scanner...minor detail.). Anyways, I thought that the final draft of the image had been scanned before the holidays. However, as I was putting the finishing touches on my proposal this afternoon, I realized that the image I was using was not the final draft. Hmm. Considering that I'm now in Georgia, away from our Office Manager and her scanner, this is a problem. But only a minor one. Because I have the paper version of the final map with me, so all I need to do is go across the street to the namebrand office store, and have their digital services department scan it and burn it to CD for me. Simple enough, right?

Only if you're willing to pay an exorbitant amount of money.

First, after I tell them what I need, they tell me that it's $2.99 to scan the image, and $8.99 to burn it to CD. Really. I promise, I'm not making this up.

So I ask the salesperson if I can provide my own CD. Because for $8.99, I can walk over to the computer supplies aisle and buy a whole pack of CD's. She says, "yes", and I say I'll be right back. Famous last words.

A couple of minutes later, my pack of blank CD's in hand (5 for $3.99), I'm back at the digital services department. She scans my fabulous map, and burns it to CD. Easy enough, and takes all of five minutes. Cool, right? Not so fast.

The other salesperson rings up my bill, and tells me the total charge is going to be $13. Huh?! Turns out that what the first salesperson should have explained was that it's $2.99 for the scan, and $8.99 to burn it to CD, regardless of whether I provide the CD or not. (And yes, if I hadn't provided the CD, they would have charged me even more for that.) Go ahead and say it with me. "WTF?!?!"

Thankfully, she believed me when I related to her how the charges had been explained to me. Because otherwise, they'd have a CD with a great map on it, and I would still have no image for my proposal.

I can't believe they get away with charging such ridiculous prices for such simple services.

Where I am: Atlanta, GA


Dan said…
I had the same issue with the Greek store near UD (well, I still take issue with it, but I don't need to go there anymore).

If you wanted a set of letters, it was somewhere around $15. If you wanted to bring them your own fabric (say my really kick-ass Superman letters), it was somewhere around $20. So, they didn't have to use their own material to make your shirt, which saves them money, and they charge you more. Basically you pay extra for them to spend less.

Greedy bastards.

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