You've got to be kidding me...

Next week, I'll be doing officer training for the chapter I have been reactivating this semester; because the officer manuals are pretty long, my supervisor recommended burning all of the files to a CD and having a copy center print them for me. This would save me a ton of time, and would hopefully be less expensive than having to buy multiple ink cartridges for my printer. (We're talking hundreds of pages.)

So I took my CD and went this morning to the local copy center (well, local is a relative term...local as in nearby, not local as in locally-owned) to get all of these materials printed. As she's filling out the service request, the salesperson asked how many files were on the CD. I replied I didn't know, but it was a lot. She pops the disc into the computer, and promptly returns to tell me there will be a $1 "digital rendering fee" because of the high number of files. Okay, a $1 fee doesn't sound so bad...until she explains that it's $1 per file for more than five files. WHAT?! Basically, they are going to charge me $1 a file because it will take someone "a long time" to open and print all twenty or twenty-five files.

Then she tried to offer me the self-service computer option, where I could sit and open all the files on one of their computers, to print for 50 cents a page. Yeah, because that would be so much cheaper. (Remember, we're talking hundreds of pages.) And unfortunately, the files are all PDF's, so I couldn't cut and paste them into one, ridiculously long document. After expressing my disbelief that they would charge such a fee, I signed the work order and left. I just can't believe that they would be so eager to nickel-and-dime their customers like that.

Even better, this is the same copy center that will leave one salesperson to handle a line of four, five, or more customers while the rest of the employees do whatever it is they're doing behind the counter. It's not like they're pulling an employee away from the customers by asking them to open and print all of my files. What a scam.

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Anonymous said…
Geeez, what a rip! They'll take dime wherever they can.

Thanks for the congrats on my journal, btw. :)


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