the numbers game: five basic rules for guys

After pouting a little bit that a certain handsome guy hasn't called (and thus most likely won't, since it's been over a week) and after having an interesting discussion with Drew about the whole exchanging-phone-numbers game, I decided there are some very basic rules guys should know.

Rule #5:
When you've spent a few hours dancing with a girl in a nightclub, and she's not carrying a purse or wearing a coat, the chances are pretty high that she doesn't have her cell phone with her. Because if she did, you'd have felt it in her pocket. So if you're going to offer her your number, have a pen and paper handy...or a business card...or something.

Rule #4:
(not based on personal experience, but from my conversation with Drew)
Do not, under any circumstances, think that having a number-collecting competition is in any way attractive. Because we will notice that you are woman-hopping, and you will widely be regarded as a jackass. Seriously. Just because you're drunk enough to be that stupid, doesn't mean we're drunk enough to not notice.

Rule #3:
If there's a chance that you either won't remember asking for her number, or will regret asking for her number after sleeping off the nice buzz you've got at the time, just don't ask. Getting a girl's hopes up is not nice.

Rule #2:
Exchanging phone numbers is not mandatory. So don't feel obligated to ask for her number just because you've enjoyed a few hours dancing together. Asking for a phone number should be something you want to do, not an easy way to end the evening.

Which leads us to Rule #1...
If you say you're going to call, CALL. It doesn't have to be the very next day...although under the right circumstances, that can be sweet. But asking for a girl's phone number, saying you'll call, and then not is just rude.

On the other hand, maybe I just need to try harder to not get my hopes remember that even the nicest, most handsome guy can turn out to be a meet a guy somewhere other than the nightclub. But then, what would be the fun in that?!

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