a bit more about sleepeybear

(a work in progress...)

I'm someone who loves genuine laughter, the ocean, creativity, real time with friends, chai tea lattes, yoga, peaceful moments, singing off-key, full moons, sunsets, playing in the kitchen and being organized.

I find creative inspiration everywhere - in the media, in daily life, and in random places like the New Orleans French Market. I also love observing how other people experience the creative process, and do believe that properly-credited imitation is the purest form of flattery.

I believe that travel is good for the soul. I treasure the respite and comfort it provides me in this period of my life; and dearly value the memories I've accumulated in my experiences. However, I blame my penchant for needing to travel on Mom, & Dad, who raised me in the military lifestyle until I was 13.

I'm a hopeless romantic who appreciates the simple comforts of real love and feels blessed to have someone with whom to share my heart and life. My first date with the man known here as Wildcat Guy happened in March 2010. Nine months later, I accepted his proposal (and the beautiful diamond ring he so carefully picked out); and we are slowly planning an October 2013 wedding.


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