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I almost didn't participate in Ali Edwards' most recent Day in the Life. I just recently started a new job, and I'm still getting settled into a daily routine (and our new home!). Then I realized that was exactly why I should document the capture these new routines, and the unfolding of this new moment in life. Without further ado, here is what Thursday, 15 March 2018, was like.

5:13 am...I start my day with the First 5 Bible devotion. We're in the first week of a new study about the minor prophets, and I'm curious to read some of these books I've previously only flipped over.

5:42 am...Following my devotion, I sit in meditation using the Insight Timer app. Since starting my new job, I have been steadfast in completing both my devotion and meditation; and that consistency is a blessing to the day's beginning.

5:43 am...As I walk from the living room to the bathroom, I pause to change the date on my perpetual calendar. (And yes, we still have a healthy pumpkin from back in the fall.)

6:36 am...I'm dressed and ready to go! The red scarf is in honor of a women's history month celebration on campus, and the pulled-back hair is a gift to myself.

6:38 am...After getting ready, I move to the kitchen to pack my lunch. In my first couple weeks on the job (and in our new place), my lunches were not the best; so I am making an effort this week to incorporate healthier choices.

7:05 am...Because we live in between two major cities, I start my morning commute with one Christian radio station, and transition to another as the first station's signal fades. As a side note, I am so (so!) ready for daylight to return to my morning commute.

7:15 am...This is my exit! There's usually a bit of a back-up here, as people figure out which lane they want to be in; but I am grateful that traffic still moves pretty steadily.

7:43 am...This is the desk where I will spend the next nine-ish hours. I am enjoying having an office again.

7:51 am...While the weather is still cold, oatmeal makes a good breakfast.

7:58 am...After breakfast, I take a few minutes to prep for my day. I'm still new enough here that my days are not yet filled with appointments.

12:18 pm...I work in an office with only two other primary staff. It's a delight to get along with them well enough already that we're making lunch plans.

5:33 pm...Because of the rush-hour traffic on the road next to campus, I usually spend a bit of time after 5 pm completing some personal tasks before I leave the office. Today was a bit tedious mentally, so I am ready to leave a bit sooner than usual.

5:44 pm...Additionally, it's a lovely sunny day. That means driving with the windows open!

6:28 pm...I stop at the gas station in front of my neighborhood to save myself a stop the next morning. Hooray for fuel reward points!

6:33 pm...home, sweet home!

7:35 pm...I watch my husband's favorite basketball team play in their first-round tournament game.

7:39 pm...At the same time, I'm unpacking boxes and finding homes for whatever's inside.

7:42 pm...I've also been making dinner while all that was going on, and it's time to eat! Tonight, it's just me at home for dinner, so I package the leftovers as meals that either I or my husband will eat at some point over the weekend.

7:45 pm...This is easily one of my favorite weeknight dinners - turkey burgers, steamed carrots, and steamed white sticky rice. Yum! I eat it while I watch the rest of the basketball game (and am relieved my husband's team pulled off the win).

8:43 pm...In an effort to be on social media less, I have been letting myself have a block of time each evening to browse and catch up on Facebook and Instagram.

10:32 pm...After unpacking more boxes and folding some laundry, I take a few minutes to pick out my clothes for the next day.

11:10 pm...Bedtime! I pause to write down what I appreciated most about the day, then climb under the sheets, turn out the light, and fall asleep...ready to do much of the same the next day!


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