where you'll find me on the weekends

One of the things that makes summer feel like summer for me is hanging out at the pool, especially when I'm living away from the beach...so I was thrilled when the apartment pool opened back in early June!

I was also excited about my new bathing suit. I had been wearing the same okay tankini for a number of years - at least five or six, I think? - and quite simply, I was tired of it. So in the spirit of my 2017 word, I INSISTed on treating myself to a new suit that I would love, even though I consider swimsuits to be just about the worst thing to shop for. Many stores later, I found a lovely bikini top that fit so beautifully I was comfortable splurging, and a fun budget-friendly bottom in my favorite print (thank you, Target!).

And yes, I am that girl who carries a basket out to the pool...mainly because I like to settle in once I'm out there, but also because it gives my things a place to be instead of them baking in the heat on the concrete. On a typical pool day, that delightful basket holds whatever book I'm going to read, an extra bottle of water, a snack or two (typically cut fruit or veggies), my phone, keys, and sunscreen for touch-ups (so I don't have to go in before I'm ready).

Speaking of sunscreen - as I've become more conscientious about the ingredients in my bathroom, I have been on the hunt for a better sunscreen. Last year, I found a product that was great, ingredients-wise, but that still triggered my skin allergies. So this year, it was back to square one...and the good luck to come across this Botanical line from Australian Gold. It is super silky with soothing scent; the ingredient list seems pretty straight-up; and after using it for almost a month, I've yet to experience any allergy flare-ups. All that, combined with the effective sun protection, and I have a new go-to sunscreen!

So if you need me on the weekends this summer, you can find me by the pool - soaking up the sun, lounging with a good book and a cold beverage, making the most of this awesome weather!


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