insisting on graceful, calm moments

Teaching yoga this past Friday, I included "The Violet Hour" by The Civil Wars for our savasana - a song that I first came to adore a year or two back, when one of the yoga instructors on campus frequently incorporated it. There is something about the haunting, elegant melody that seems just about perfect for that moment of mindful rest.

As the song my students relaxed in savasana...I found my heart increasingly aching to let them stay there for as long as I possibly could. They work so hard all week, every week, that seeing them in that peaceful moment made me realize how easy it is to miss those moments. As I headed into the weekend, it was a much-needed reminder to make sure I created space in my schedule for moments of graceful calm and emotional nurturing - to insist on caring for my spirit intentionally and lovingly.

So in amongst the errands and professional obligations that I'd committed to for Saturday and Sunday, I made that effort. I turned up and jammed out to the new-to-me music of Marian Hill while getting ready on Saturday morning. I savored my creating and shopping time at the scrapbook store. I delighted in driving around in the sunny, mild weather with the windows down. I laid on the couch and gave my full attention to Faith Hill's beautiful performance of her and Tim McGraw's new song on the ACM Awards on Sunday evening. I spent time in reflection and thoughtful planning for the coming week and the new month.

And you know what? It was worth it. Even as I checked things off my task list and took care of the must-do's, I noticed the difference that intentional calm and nurturing made, and I was reminded how significant the little moments can be for our well-being.

How do you take care of your soul?


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