hopping lightly through Easter

One of the elements I am including in my efforts to INSIST this year is the desire to INSIST on living a life that suits me as an individual and us as a couple. One specific way I have seen this unfolding is how we are honoring, decorating for, and celebrating holidays.

For Easter this year, that translated into a look and approach that emphasized the simple and minimal - partly because of life and travel plans that didn't allow me an opportunity to decorate until a few days before, and partly because of a reluctance to go all out when Wildcat Guy and I were the only ones who would see them.

Nonetheless, I was pleased with the little arrangement I created with items we had on hand - a lovely vignette highlighting our Easter baskets, a favorite bunny figurine, and the bunny garland hung on our gallery wall above the TV. It was just right for the quiet holiday we had.


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