lessons learned in thriving: may

(inspired by Emily P. Freeman's monthly reflection)

As awesome as I am in my current role, I appreciate having a boss who challenges me to think about what I want to work toward. I have no idea what that looks like yet, but I am grateful for the strong encouragement to consider it.

I am capable - so capable! - of being the type of person who gets up early (which, for me, is 5 am) every morning to exercise. It's just a matter of determination. (Seeing "200" on the scale for the first - and hopefully last! - time in my life certainly helps in the motivation department.)

This delightful sentiment from my evening devotional was just what I needed after a couple hectic weeks preparing for Commencement:

"My impulse is always toward work...But what restores me...is almost always the opposite. And I'm finding that when I practice things like rest, grace, peace, prayer, self-care and slowness, the work gets done just the same."

I can handle one frustration at a time. But the real fun happens when they start stacking up, accumulating, not giving me room to breathe from one to the next. When disappointment decides to join the party, life gets entirely too emotionally interesting for my tastes. Sometimes the best thing I was able to do this past month was make it to bed time.

That said, the month of May was also a valuable reminder to not let disappointment and unmet expectations get in the way of a good life. Just because things aren't working out how I'd hoped doesn't mean there aren't still beautiful moments happening. (Thanks, Daily Garnish, for the exclamation point on that!)

Disappointment also wormed its way into my heart courtesy of a small bout of loneliness - of feeling a sad disconnect in my various communities and circles. To combat that, I took advantage of whatever opportunity I came across to nurture relationships - from hosting dinner for a former student, to making the time for lunch with a dear friend who was in town unexpectedly. Those small drops of delight were truly balm to my soul.

More than anything, the month of May reminded me that I am strong and able...that I have (and always have had) the ability to bloom where I am planted...if only I will soak up and revel in the goodness all around me. I am living a good life, if only I will let myself see that.


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