lessons learned in thriving: march

(inspired by Emily P. Freeman's monthly reflection)

Sometimes making the most of a difficult circumstance means just having fun with it.

I'm also becoming more comfortable just trusting. (Thank you, singer Lauren Daigle, for your most recent song that calls me to trust more easily!)

Having a regular yoga practice - especially a regular Ashtanga practice - feels so good to my soul.

Doing ab exercises in the morning is absolutely essential. Because no matter how convinced I might be that "yes, I'll do it when I get home," let's be real. I don't.

Making the creative part of myself a priority has been so invigorating. Crafting...scrapbooking...home decor...I have been enjoying it so much that, the other day, when I couldn't focus at work, all I could think about was coming home and scrapbooking.

On the flip side, honoring that lack of interest in blogging that has been lingering in the past few months was the right thing to do. Because now, as I start to feel that blogging itch again, I feel refreshed and ready to see what might happen.

When the barista at the local coffee shop describes the mocha chai latte as "a chocolate muffin with cinnamon," you order that. Then you delight in how accurate that description was, and sip away.

I feel like I'm settling into my skin a way that I haven't felt in a long time. I am grateful for that growing sense of comfort and confidence.


Sandra J said…
Hi, I'm visiting from Emily's link up. I appreciated your lessons learned on thriving in March. I love your trusting your instincts and allowing your self time to create, time to rest from some activities, time to be. Blessings!
sleepeybear said…
Welcome, Sandra, and thank you for the encouraging words!

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