day in the life 2016

 I was so happy to participate in Ali Edwards' Day in the Life project yesterday! Here's what my Tuesday, 29 March, looked like in pictures...

6:07 am - Starting my day with a cup of lemon water (and yes, the bathroom clock is seven minutes fast - oddly enough, it helps me stay on track in the mornings.)

 6:15 am - Working my way through my toiletry basket - one of the few areas in my life where I feel like I've truly mastered the minimalism and utility of storage.

6:41 am - Appreciating kitty's company.
 6:58 am - Taking one last look in the mirror and liking what I see.

 7:03 am - Feeling grateful - as I do every morning - that I take the time to put my bags in order the night before.

7:08 am - Listening to Christian radio on my way to work (and feeling grateful that I could borrow Wildcat Guy's truck when mine has a leak).
7:40 am - Heading into the office, happy to have sunshine after a couple days of rain.

 7:47 am - Making do for breakfast. These protein bars have been an easy approach in recent weeks, even though I recognize they are not as healthy as they claim to be.

7:48 am - Logging onto my laptop to get my workday started.

As a side note - I did take pictures of my actual work during the day, but to respect the privacy of my students and my office, I'm keeping those to myself.
 9:14 am - Treating myself to a hot chocolate to take the edge off the chill in the office.

12:11 pm - Eating a reasonably healthy lunch (and getting caught taking a picture by a colleague).
5:53 pm - Giving myself no excuse to skip the treadmill after a full day of work. I may not have walked far, but I walked.
5:54 pm - Discovering the appeal of podcasts as a way to pass the time on the treadmill.
6:46 pm - Throwing the window open to the mild air and brilliant sunshine as soon as I got home.
6:58 pm - Being amused by this full-size carrot that I found in the bag of baby carrots while I made dinner.
7:12 pm - Watching Gru gobble down the handful of treats I scattered out for him.
7:16 pm - Settling in for my own dinner, a chef salad that I always find delightful.
8:01 pm - Curling up on the couch with dessert and a new book (that I have to read by Sunday when I see her speak!). 

9:33 pm - Trying really, really hard to beat this level! (I am not a fan of the bubble gum.)
9:59 pm - Feeling good about the flow of my day.
10:06 pm - Hurrying to finish my preparations for the next day, so I can join kitty in his slumber.
10:19 pm - Easing into bedtime with a nightly ritual of Instagram and devotion.


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