this week was good because...

...I had an opportunity to reflect on the various privileges for which I'm grateful when it comes to winter weather. Simple things, like a little old pick-up truck that still gets me home in the middle of a snowstorm, and administrators who understand that employees want to leave work early to just get home.

But also things that are a little more complex, like the full-time, salaried position that enables me to feel financially okay when a work day is cut short (or when, in my case, I also decide to take the next day off). Like the emotional security of auto insurance and roadside assistance should something go wrong. Like the comfort of having a safe, warm home to return to.

Even on the days when I feel like my husband and I struggle, it's important for me to remember how fortunate we really are.

A lot to think about, sure, on a wintry day; but something that settled in my heart on Wednesday afternoon and weighed on my brain ever since.


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