lessons learned in thriving - january

(inspired by Emily P. Freeman's monthly reflections)

If I ask God to help make better choices, He will. I just have to be paying attention...and willing to let His direction lead me. That last part is especially important!

Comparison is a bad thing...but not as bad and not as powerful when I can recognize that temptation and make an active effort to move past it.

Something else to move past? The guilt and lament over how friendships evolve as life changes and evolves.

This might be a year when I don't do much crafting outside of scrapbooking and cardmaking. I'm not sure yet. Right now, I'm so in the flow with my scrapbooking - a super intense flow - and it feels awesome to be getting so much done.

I can only be so frustrated with my weight and health before there's nothing left to do but do something about it. That will definitely mean eating fewer sweets - lots fewer sweets! - and I know that will be difficult.

But I also know that thriving - living fully and intentionally - requires choosing better.


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