this week was good because... hectic and quirky and stressful as this week was, I found hints of humor, grace and blessings scattered throughout. Take this picture, for example - this was everything we purchased at the grocery store on Sunday for our week...well, almost everything. The loaf of bread at the end of the line on the left didn't fit in the picture. This is an absurd combination, right? What you don't see is the awesome assortment of food our fridge and cupboard are stocked with from recent weeks of CSA...recent weeks that, yes, I will have highlights on soon. Because of that assortment, though, we just needed a few essentials. We added to that some traveling snacks for our upcoming vacation, and then, just for fun, we made our own six-pack of adult beverages.

This was my week - taking care of the essentials, adding in some vacation planning, and then, just for fun, enjoying life in random little places. At the end, I am happy to say, simply, that I made it through.

What made your week good?


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