what i learned in july

Last week was kind of absurd, which means I'm late to join in Emily P. Freeman's lovely end-of-the-month sharing party of lessons learned in July. Let's say better late than never...

July was a lesson in temporal grace...in being kind to myself and honoring the ways in which life's rhythms change with the physical seasons.

One of my primary goals for the year is to spend at least one day each month immersed in my scrapbooking...ideally by participating in a crop at the nearby store (because there's just something more productive and rewarding about that kind of creative environment), but at the very least, by spending time on Saturday afternoons putting my little scrapbooking corner of the living room to good use. Setting this goal was my way of making sure I was committing time to something that is important to me in very deep ways.

But in July, the summer weather I'd been waiting for all year finally arrived...which means soaking up the sun poolside as much as possible. Add in the Fourth of July holiday weekend, a trip to Kentucky, and all the other fun little opportunities that life brought throughout the month, and...well...I got absolutely no scrapbooking done.

At first, I was annoyed when I realized this...I'd done so well this year at making steady progress on my various scrapbook projects. And yet...July was such a good month. How could I regret how it went?? After shivering through the winter in eager anticipation of this season's warmth, I would be foolish not to relish the luxurious sun while it's here. Summer will pass far too quickly, and there will soon be plenty of chilly days to spend indoors with my scrapbooks.

And so, in July, I learned that it is okay not to meet a goal...especially if your soul and heart are still being nurtured.


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