this week was good because...

...the newest issue of a favorite magazine. This magazine really inspires me creatively, and nurtures me spiritually; so it's always a joy to find it at the store. However, this issue ended up being more impactful than normal, thanks to an article about building and leading successful Bible studies.

I had recently been invited to assist with an upcoming Bible study at church, and just a few hours prior to reading this article, I accepted the invitation. My head was hesitant, because I don't necessarily feel like I'm wise enough to play such a role; yet my heart had responded very strongly to the opportunity to become more involved in the women's ministry. So to find an article with tips and best practices felt like an affirmation of my choice and encouragement for my journey.

...after a couple of intense weeks at work, I took Friday afternoon off, with the simple intention to spoil myself. That included a delightful pedicure, a tasty venti iced chai latte, and seven hours of scrapbooking at the local store. I am so glad that I gave myself this gift of soul refreshing, spirit soothing time.

...we can actually see the shelves and back wall of our refrigerator! For the past couple of weeks, between our CSA bags and my recipe selections, our fridge had been packed full of fresh produce, leftovers, and more. It was a little absurd! Granted, there was plenty of eating well as a result; but it's nice not to have to play puzzle just to get something out of the fridge.

What made your week good?


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