this week was good because...

...Orientation Week went beautifully. Granted, it is in my nature to always consider how an event can be further refined the following year; but all things considered, I am quite pleased with how the week went. I also was proud of myself for doing my best to take care of myself throughout the week. There were a couple times when lunch consisted of whatever snacks I could grab as the day unfolded (which meant more brownies than I care to admit one day); but overall, I managed to eat decently (including breakfast every morning - no easy feat when I was leaving at 6 am!), get a reasonable amount of sleep, and even make it to Bible study on Tuesday evening.

...Wildcat Guy had the entire weekend off. That meant that, after a very intense week of leaving early, getting home late, and not seeing him very much in the evenings, we got to hang out at a leisurely pace all weekend long. It was delightful! We spent Saturday morning at Eastern Market, where we treated ourselves to snacks from the food trucks; enjoyed a movie on Saturday evening; and had our traditional Sunday. I was grateful for the extra time together on a weekend.

What made your week good?


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