csa eats: week two

(Yes, I have skipped week one. I was out of town, so Wildcat Guy did his best with the share ingredients. In addition to enjoying the farm-fresh eggs, he made mashed potatoes with the new potatoes and sorrel; and he found a recipe for a delicious pasta dish that incorporated the Swiss chard. Into the freezer went a huge portion of blueberries; and I believe the yellow wax beans will be joining the berries.)

For week two, we had a full bag of yummy. In addition to the eggs (which I may not mention each week, but that we do receive every week), there were zucchini, red beets, radishes, green onions, cucumbers, sage and chocolate mint. I am quickly realizing how incapable fresh herbs make me feel; and how quickly these shares will push me out of my comfort zone, both in cooking and in eating. (How in the world does one cook beets??)

And as if all that wasn't enough to work with, when I went to the Market last Saturday to pick up our share, I purchased carrots, sweet potatoes, and red potatoes from the same farm; four ears of corn from another local farm; bratwurst from the same company whose sausage we've previously enjoyed; and a loaf of whole wheat bread.

Ultimately, we did not eat all of this in one week...partly because I purchased too much, and partly because the week went a little differently than I expected, which influenced the meal plan. Here are a few highlights:

We had picked up some grass-fed ground beef last month on clearance at the grocery store; so we used that to make hamburgers (topped with homemade barbeque sauce). And what goes with hamburgers in summertime? Fresh corn on the cob! I am not good at picking out corn, so the ears weren't quite as plump as we would have liked, but it tasted great.

Later in the week, we roasted the red potatoes with some olive oil and garlic. They were the perfect side for simple pan-cooked steaks. (We also learned that, if the power goes out halfway through roasting potatoes in the oven, a quick finish in the microwave the next night works quite well.)

Something that I appreciate about the farm from which we get our share is the weekly email announcing what will be in that week's share. Included in that list is a recipe featuring one or more of the week's items. This week, the recipe was a sauteed zucchini and corn dish that also made use of the green onions. I do have to admit, though, that, because we ate all of the fresh corn on its own, I did have to purchase a can of corn. Absurd, I know. However, this was a really delicious way to serve zucchini and corn - definitely a recipe I will keep for future use.

Although I don't have photos, the cucumbers, radishes and carrot have made for some yummy chef salads, as well. In fact, depending on each week's shares, I'm anticipating a good number of chef salads this summer...which will be, in a word, awesome. And those farm fresh eggs? Mmm. My breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon and buttered toast has been tasting pretty fantastic.


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