csa eats: week three

For week three, our bag included baby bok choy, corn, zucchini, yellow squash, new potatoes, arugula, sweet basil and stevia. Bok choy...this ought to be interesting.

Something I also realized is that I need to be cautious of buying any extra produce beyond what we receive in our CSA bag. I bought so much last week that I wasn't quite done with it by the time we got this week's bag. So the pressure to use everything was a bit higher; and on top of that, this was an extremely busy week at work.

Nonetheless, there were some good eats to be had throughout the week. The arugula made a great mix-in for salads; and we had some other tasty meals along the way:

This is one of those addendums from last week that I mentioned. I'd purchased sweet potatoes from the same farm from which we receive our CSA. Roasted, they were a perfect side dish for a batch of sloppy joes.

There is so much farmers' market goodness on this plate! The bratwurst (another remnant of last week's purchases), served with homemade barbeque sauce, went so nicely with steamed corn on the cob and deviled eggs made from our CSA eggs. Okay, so I added in some totally storebought mayonnaise...but mmm, this was a tasty dinner.

After poring through cookbooks to figure out what to do with bok choy, I came across a recipe for Asian greens. "A-ha!," I thought. Immediately, I knew what to serve it with - shrimp stir-fry and steamed sticky rice.

But here's the thing. I've never been a big fan of cooked greens - either on their own or mixed into other dishes (such as spinach-artichoke dip). Soooo...the Asian greens-cooked bok choy tasted good. Yet it wasn't good enough to convert me. I am still proud of myself for trying them, though! That dietary comfort zone of mine continues to be challenged, and I like it.


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