this week was good because...

...I got to spend so much time at home snuggling with and loving on this adorable puppy that my parents adopted just a couple of days before I arrived. It was super fun to watch him acclimate to his new home and discover all the trouble to be found (like the dirt underneath the side porch).

...sometimes, the most rewarding professional development is not just about what new information you learn, but also about reflecting on your journey and your story. This past week's symposium had those two elements balanced beautifully, and I felt both encouraged and challenged as I prepare for the new school year.

...after a week away, I got to spend some fun times with Wildcat Guy - whether it was having a "pizza and a movie night" at home or taking a road trip to Ann Arbor for Sunday brunch. (Our faces don't show it, but we had a really nice afternoon!)

What made your week good?


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