coming up for air

"What are you still doing here?"

It would seem that summer is becoming my time to wrestle with purpose and direction and intention in this place. For the second summer in a row, I've found myself down in a rut...enjoying the moment of creating my weekly "this week" reflections, but once again falling prey to doubt and self-belittlement and even those pesky technical difficulties. In addition, this summer I've experienced the extra pressure of time. As I strive to use my time in the most productive and satisfying ways, I have very much run into that sense of, "what's okay to let fall to the wayside?"...and sadly, blogging has fallen into that category.

And yet...every time I have thought to myself, "let's bring this to a close," my heart resists. At first, I chalked it up to emotional attachment. But throughout the month of June, I found myself sitting in moments of, "this would be a fun story to share...and you have the perfect venue to share it."

So if you are still here, thank you for your patience...for bearing with me as I sort out in my head and heart how I want to use this particular venue. It's possible that things may feel a bit formulaic as I get back into the rhythms of being here, in this space...but I feel that my time as a blogger has not yet come to a close, so I'm going to continue exploring and moving forward.

Here's to letting my soul celebrating the stories that each of us has to coming up for creative air.


Joy said…
Glad you will still be around! Just take your time to sort things out. I have 2 boys, so me-time is rare at times. I love my family but sometimes you just need time to sort things out. Take care and looking forward to seeing what you do next!

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