a patriotic picnic in the park

I was so pleased with how our Independence Day celebration went! Wildcat Guy got off work at three, which meant plenty of time to finish preparations and find neighborhood parking before settling in for a picnic at the city park.

We found the perfect tree to hang out under - tall enough to be majestic, broad enough to throw shade - the good kind, of course.

After a busy few weeks of going, going, going, we both were very grateful for the opportunity to kick back, relax and breathe...together. Life has been a particularly interesting adventure lately, and moments like this are such a delight, to just sit and talk and dream.

Of course, the food wasn't bad, either. Knowing we'd be there for many hours, I'd assembled an assortment of snacks. Veggies and dip...apples...fun finger foods that were easy to pull together and simple to pack.

We also brought a deck of cards. I feel lucky to have a partner who enjoys playing cards - specifically rummy - like I do. (And for the record, I totally won.)

Playing cards and having good conversation can sure make a person hungry, though; so we took an intermission for sandwiches, barbeque chips, and homemade sweet tea. (You know, I didn't think I'd like those sipping lids when Mom gave them to me for Christmas...but I'm becoming fond of them.)

As the time for fireworks got closer...as the sky got darker...I may have gotten impatient and started acting like a five-year old. "Is it time yet?", I whined. "How much longer?" Poor Wildcat Guy. But truly, the wait was worth it. The city put on a fantastic show! It was the perfect ending to an already beautiful day.

However you celebrated, I hope your Fourth was just as wonderful.


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