this week was good because of...

...a lovely Saturday-morning excursion to the Market with Wildcat Guy.

...the successful completion of a massive undertaking at work.

...patience. Infinite patience. afternoon nap on the couch.

...egg-y French toast and fat pork sausages for brunch.

...the perfect start to an important day - snoozing for a few minutes with my love's arms around me and our kitty nestled in next to me.

...a delicious, luxurious VIP dinner.

...this much-needed reminder to be aware of and grateful for blessings in all forms - including the opportunity to serve others with genuine joy.

...the simple pleasure of a fresh chef salad for dinner.

...buttermilk blue cheese and slices of pretzel bread.

...the wisdom to recognize the value of working late, but with limits.

...adorable animal pictures that make a delightful postlude to Mother's Day.

...and speaking of adorable, this documentary about my favorite animals.

What made your week good?


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