these weeks were good because of...

...such a great Memorial Day weekend that I forgot to post last week. That means two for the price of one this week. Enjoy the extended version!

...Wildcat Guy also having Memorial Day off, which meant for a fun afternoon at the zoo.

...a heart-nudging song during worship this morning that reminds me to worry less about what I see and more about what I should be seeking.

...all the animals that were playing and enjoying the sunshine at the zoo.

...the opportunity to dive back into professional reading now that it's summer.

...having my truck back after some moderately-priced repairs.

...another reason to be glad for good insurance. (The only thing I had to pay at the optometrist this week was a small fee for the contact lens exam and a small upgrade for better lenses for the new pair of glasses I ordered!)

...time in the yard, soaking in the sun.

...this beautiful homage to a lovely city.

...meeting my small weekly challenge last week not to spend money on unnecessary snacks during the workday.

...delicious cupcakes from a local bakery. Clockwise from the carrot cake, these are dark chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting, lemon cake with lemon frosting, and raspberry cake with lemon filling and lemon cream cheese frosting.

...gratitude for awesome yoga instructors on the summer schedule.

...a thought-provoking article about the difference in focus for men and women's exercise.

...still being mostly happy with my hair as it grows out.

 ...this well-stated reminder that it's less about what works for other people, and more about what works for me.

...finally trying the nitrogen ice cream at the neighborhood cafe. Delicious and creative!

...the courage to attend a women's event at church, and the resulting blessings of connection.

...playing rummy and listening to Motown tunes. interesting take on building a morning routine (especially after slowly modifying mine over the past few months).

...the way the weekend feels longer than it really was, for all the right reasons.

...a black-bottom oatmeal pie that was scrumptious.

..."starfish sit-ups" during TRX.

What made your week good?


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