torn out: from instyle

 The one thing I absolutely loved in this month's issue? The cover girl.

Don't get me wrong...the shoes were amazing. (Seriously - platforms AND wedges are in style this season? Hide my debit card!) There were some fun clothes highlighted, as well. 

But I really, really enjoyed the fashion spread and feature article 
about this talented, beautiful woman.

In addition to this beautiful quote 
(something I wish I could remember more often), 
these are a few other quotes I found thoughtful and inspiring:

"At a certain point in my life, I realized if you want to play different games,
then you have to play in different playgrounds, 
where people play the games you want to play."

"I don't believe in an idea of 'post-race.' 
The goal shouldn't be that we get to a point 
where race or gender doesn't matter. 
Race is a really important part of our identity. 
Being a woman is a big part of who I am.
What I want is to live in a world where my gender, race, and ethnicity
don't define my trajectory and don't limit me."

"You have to experience your humanity, 
you have to know you are a limited  vessel,
and you can only do so much."

Yes, yes, yes.

And alright...when I wasn't being inspired by Kerry Washington's words, I may have been drooling over these awesome heels. Just maybe.

Source: the March 2015 issue of InStyle


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