this week was good because of...

...the small, but luxurious delight of pulling into a parking lot to take pictures of the deer that roam around campus.

...celebrating five years of being in a relationship with Wildcat Guy, and four years of having Gru-kitty in our family.

...the grace-filled gift of a perfectly timed and much-needed sermon.

...the satisfaction of straightening my short hair myself and liking the result. ability to recognize the need for space - physically, mentally and emotionally - and create those moments for myself. (This included successfully plowing through a serious case of midweek grumps!)

...snowflakes. They came in the lightest of flurries all week - just enough for winter to stand its ground, but not enough for concern.

...much-appreciated opportunities to connect with students more deeply.

...wi$dom, restraint and common sense while out shopping on Saturday.

...a cute movie with an interesting, thought-provoking subtext. absolutely delicious recipe for homemade tomato meat sauce. Yum!

...making time for reading...not just continuing to read magazines at lunch, but claiming space in my evening for books after dinner.

...more progress in my 2013 Project Life album.

...this tangy recipe for roasted cauliflower and chickpeas. love's willingness to let me experiment with healthier eating options.

...reaping the rewards of my Starbucks gold card.

What made your week good?


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