this week was good because of...


...the first day of "no coat needed" weather this season!

... a really nice Tuesday evening watching TV and hanging out with my love.

...a Saturday morning at Eastern Market.

...getting little things cleaned up and taken care of around the apartment.

...this lovely reminder about home decorating (by Debra Wittrup, in an old issue of Vintage Style): "the interiors that inspire us most...didn't come together in a few days, but rather are the result of years of collecting...However you approach it, remember it's a journey and a labor of love, meant to be savored for the pleasure it brings and the cozy and inviting interiors that result."

...a delicious three-course Italian dinner with friends.

...the awesome second-hand store I visited on Saturday afternoon.

...the opportunity to do crafts at work.

...a supervisor who understands that, sometimes, working at home can be more productive.

...earning my Gold card, which amuses me considering that I don't feel like I go allll that often. for my soul to breathe.

...beef satay with rice and edamame.

...challenging yoga that felt awesome.

What made your week good?


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