this week was good because of...

(and a little bit from last week)

...the wisdom of knowing when to "be done" at the end of a work day, and the reminder that the habit of "non-finishing" can be a good one.

...small blessings and the kindness of strangers when Wildcat Guy's truck died in the middle of the road yesterday.

...having fun - oh so much fun - staying committed to my goal of making time for creativity.

...a job that "requires" me to go craft-shopping at Michael's.

...this lovely homage to the city of New Orleans.

...a hearty bowl of sausage tortellini soup for dinner tonight.

...the small victory of learning to use the mousepad on a Mac laptop.

...Wildcat Guy's care when I am not feeling well.

...beautiful ice sculptures in unexpected places.

...a really cool documentary about Hagia Sophia (which was even more interesting to watch after recently reading Dan Brown's Inferno).

...spicy turkey lettuce wraps.

...the realization that I am losing my taste for unhealthy food choices (such as bottled sweet tea and packaged snacks).

...the pride of cooking so many more of our meals at home.

What made your week good?


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