two-page tuesday: resuming my practice

It felt so, so good to be scrapbooking again! Granted, I had worked on a couple of small projects in recent months, but this was the first time since the summer that I was able to sit and work on scrapbook pages for my regular albums. One of my goals for 2015 is to attend a crop at the local scrapbooking store at least once a month, so hopefully, I will have many more pages to share in the months ahead!
(Yes, this is a page from 2008. And you know what? It's done!)

(I was very happy with how the snowflakes turned out.)

(I've used this trick before, but I continue to be pleased with the simplicity of designing one general arrangement that I can use on multiple layouts - especially when it's a series of like events.)

(These little football stickers were just right...)

( were these awesome textured letter stickers that I found at the store.)

(There will be a multi-page spread of this wedding in a separate album, but I still wanted something pretty for this one-page layout that will go in my main album. I think this works well.)


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