two-page tuesday - little details

As I was finishing up a two-page spread, I realized I needed one small piece of blue paper for the journal box on the right page. (Also, notice the quote-and-button accent...which is currently sitting in the middle of the page, vertically-speaking.)
Cheers for the scrap drawers! This is exactly why I have them (and yes, they're sorted by color).
 And yes, I'm the person who will take the chance of ripping the background paper to pull up an accent that I have decided should be at the bottom of the page instead of the middle. 

I am also the person who is slowly allowing myself to say, "this works," even if I don't 100% love the way something looks. Because sometimes, it is more important for the page to be done than to sit waiting for you to find "just the right thing."
Overall, I was pleased with the results - of this spread and the couple other pages I completed!


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