this week was good because of... awesome weekend of dates with my love.

...the chance to have dinner with Vintage Blonde and her little one.

...a Saturday that was the ultimate delightful blend of being productive, having fun and indulging my creative side.

...the SnowFest in Frankenmuth. It was bitterly cold, but such a wonderful display of creativity.

...honest, reasonable conversations about next steps for the life we're building in Michigan. commutes in wintry weather road conditions.

...the spirit-nurturing grace of our church's Night of Worship.

...having a supervisor who not only listens to my concerns about systemic challenges, but also takes proactive steps to address them.

...courage to try a new group exercise class at the campus recreation center.

...the next Story Kit from Ali Edwards. (I haven't even used the last one yet, and still I am excited to have these. The ideas in my brain are fantastic!) a Simple Living Challenge is supporting and mirroring things I'm focusing on and making efforts to change.

...using mixes and other ingredients from the cupboard.

...the double bonus of saving money and eating more healthily by not buying snacks on campus.

...this quote, attributed to Francoise de La Rouchefoucauld: "To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art."

What made your week good?


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