this week was good because of...

...resuming our tradition of celebrating New Year's Eve with Vintage Blonde and her family.

...the fun pajama party they hosted.

...a timely, beautiful reminder about God's timing and provision.

...making one of my favorite desserts with a bit of New Year's Eve glamour.

...a quirky, entertaining movie. first visit (finally!) to the local scrapbook store to play.

...this song from the newest Hunger Games movie (that I just heard on the radio this past week).

...the opportunity to see a couple of dear friends who were in Michigan for the holidays, and our visit to a really cool brewery. awesome clearance sale at a new favorite store.

...time to relax with my little family, and a new favorite photo.

...the crispness of the pages in my new 2015 planner.

What made your week good? I would love to know...


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