this week was good because of... first time Painting with a Twist...but hopefully not my last.

...the reminder that it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. absolutely stunning performance by the worship team at church of a holiday adaptation of a favorite song.

...delicious pomegranate martinis and plenty of good eats at my office's Christmas party. work inbox getting smaller and smaller.

...all the check-offs that are happening on my "before winter break starts" to-do list.

...putting up a Christmas tree for the first time in our relationship.

...getting the last of the Christmas shopping done.

...even Gru enjoying the tree (and thankfully ignoring the ornaments).

...the always-appreciated annual dividend from my insurance company. first (ha!) package from Ali Edwards' new product line.

...the gift of time to myself - to relax, watch movies on TV, and just be.

...a successful inaugural attempt at making spaghetti squash.

...the interesting news about Cuban-American political relations.

What made your week good?


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