this week was good because of...

...a partner who is willing to be my guinea pig for photography projects.

...picking out our 2014 Christmas ornament.

...the first holiday cards in our mailbox (and the delivery of our awesome Michigan-themed Christmas cards).

...decorating our little place for Christmas.

...the opportunity to see an advance screening of a good adaptation.

...the holiday lights at the Zoo. football team going to a bowl game.

...low gas prices. My monthly budget certainly likes them.

...successfully remembering how to make pie charts and bar graphs in Excel.

...working in an office that not only appreciates but celebrates creativity.

...a supervisor who encourages personal wellness...and the two-hour nap on Thursday afternoon that I was able to indulge in at home as a result.

...the little things my love does to spoil me (like making my breakfast on a weekend morning, or going to get my favorite drink from Starbucks while I get other things done).

What made your week good? I would love to read your comments...


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