this week was good because of...

...beautiful sunrises (morning commutes in the daylight are lovely!). of my favorite worship songs on the radio Wednesday morning.

...a Sunday spent with my love. It was low-key, relaxing and perfect!

...a full moon setting - another lovely sight as I left one morning.

...conversations with students that aren't always positive, but still feel genuine and rewarding.

...a delicious shrimp boil for dinner.

...the sense of accomplishment after my first full week on this new meal plan (the story of which I still need to share).

...getting started on a special scrapbooking project.

...finally carving our Halloween pumpkins from Virginia. (Doesn't Gru look thrilled by my portrait of him, including the snaggletooth?)

...seeing some good movies - either on DVD or in the theater.

Also, there were a few that I forgot to mention last week... football team being bowl eligible!

...successfully navigating alternate routes around town.

...the song, "Great Is Thy Faithfulness," at church last Sunday.
What made your week good?


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