what feels good today

You know those days when things just seem to come together? When life and sense and wi$dom and maybe a little bit of luck all make sense in small, satisfying ways? Today was one of those days... 

Realizing that I still can enjoy a kind-of-new wardrobe with the change of season that means putting away beloved t-shirts to bring out my favorite sweaters, even though I made a wi$e decision to wait to buy new clothes until I finish the three-week weight loss effort I'm about to start (and possibly continue long-term).

Being confident in my decision over the past months to worry less about doing my hair, and be more content with something simpler that uses fewer products and much less energy.

Feeling so grateful that craft supplies I thought were stored at Mom and Dad's in Kentucky were actually in one of the boxes in our storage room, which means I don't have to replace them here for a pending craft project.

...a few small graces that have made today more rewarding.


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