this week was good because of...

...time spent with Wildcat Guy and Team Vintage Blonde.

...braving the chill and wind to do some sightseeing.

...weekend naps.

...the beautiful - beautiful! - autumn colors that are showing themselves around here.

...the autumn colors. Okay, I already mentioned them - but this view on campus, first seen while running an errand in another building, was so pretty that I made a second trip out to the quad with my camera just to capture it.

...the success of pulling off a challenging event at work - one that required finesse, patience and pure persistence.

...a mostly straightforward week of catch-up (and being kind to myself in navigating a few complicated details).

...a movie date with my love to see a long-anticipated film (even if it was just okay).

...opportunities to have genuine conversations with students - be they moments of serious discussion or fun and laughter.

...the Halloween decorations I put out this afternoon - including a basket of these delicious treats!

...this awesome perspective on "old-fashioned" (or analog, as it's called) record-keeping, including a few helpful hints to help me refine my own priority management.

What made your week good?


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