these two weeks were good because of...

...the truly delightful anniversary vacation we took, with a weekend stop at home before five luxurious days away in the Shenandoah mountains.

...being in the stadium for an unbelievable football game!

...picking up a whole bunch of our favorite beverage. amazing anniversary dinner at a restaurant that prides itself on local sourcing. (There is definitely an entire story about this dinner on its way.)

...the thoughtful, lovely anniversary gift my love made. (Yes, made.)

...the laidback, relaxing day we had on our actual anniversary.

...the timeshare my parents let us use for our getaway.

...picking out pumpkins for Halloween carving. (And yes, he did bring this 36-pounder home!)

...our ability to roll with the weather and make the most of our vacation.

...the fun sightseeing we got to do (and having a partner who enjoys sightseeing like I do).

...the anniversary cake we were able to pick up.

...letting myself really be on vacation when it came to treats good eats.

...letting myself really be on vacation when it came to email and work.

...his patience (and amusement) with my picture-taking.

...the beautiful autumn colors we got see in the mountains.

...celebrating a birthday in there, as well. (I may have some thoughts to share on that, too.)

...chances to see friends and former colleagues.

...just the right words to express how Sundays do and could feel.

What made your week good?


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