torn out: from in style

 (Oh, Fall issue, how I love you! You know an issue will have a lot of good stuff to browse through when the magazine is so thick it doesn't fit in your mailbox or stay confined in its rubber band.)

(Of course, it's even better when a favorite actress is on the cover.)

(I like this quote about featuring a person who "consistently leads a life of grace and elegance." What a lovely way to describe life...maybe even something to strive for?)

(Sometimes I like the ads for their slogans...even as I recognize the irony.)

(This tote. Beautiful and perfect in its simplicity!)

(This blue bag was pretty eye-catching, too...minus the cross-body strap.)

(Again, the ad. Not a fan of the product, but this copy is delightfully inspiring. Awesomely phrased.)

(I've been wanting another pair of oxford-esque heels. After really liking the Clarks heels my mother-in-law got me for Christmas, these are a possibility.)

(Pants = gorgeous. I will always like a good wide-leg pant.)

(I've been very proud of myself for not buying new shoes. But then I see pumps like this, and the temptation is strong!)

(Seriously. This quote from the magazine's interview with their cover star - about her response to "how do you do it all?" - is spot on. Way to keep it real, classy lady.)

(I also like this quote from actress Charlotte Le Bon. It reminds me that love is a powerful and positive emotion.)

Source - September 2014 issue of InStyle magazine


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