this week was good because of...

...a Saturday spent at the Michigan Renaissance Festival with my own knight in shining armor.

...laughter, singing and conversations on our two small weekend road trips.

...a celebration for friends as they await the arrival of their baby boy.

...the opportunity to serve as a faculty adviser to an interest group that would like to start a chapter of my fraternity.

...all the lovely little creative details I noticed throughout the week (even the ones I wasn't able to photograph).

...interesting conversations with students that draw on unexpected previous experiences (hello, composting).

...the sense of accomplishment I felt after two very challenging yoga classes as the semester schedule gets underway. truck becoming a Michigan resident with its new license plate.

...sirloin stirfry, eaten with my awesome chopsticks.

...recognition of what I find frustrating in working with my colleagues. discovery that there are not one, but two nearby Paper Source stores. (My budget just got very nervous!)

...a win for my football team.

What made your week good?


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