this week was good because of...

...the opportunity to take Friday afternoon off and hang out with Wildcat Guy for a condensed version of weekend fun. (He had to work Saturday, Sunday and today.)

...a partner who enjoys going out and doing things.

...our membership at the Detroit Zoo. Purchasing that on our first trip to the Zoo back in May was such a good (and wi$e) decision.

...delightful, mild weather that was unseasonable, yes, but still great.

...these lovely cards from Michael's that perfectly describe the feel of my three-day weekend. mail from friends and family.

...a tasty lunch at Panera, complete with some good magazine reading.

...feeling like my leadership development skills are really finding their niche as the semester gets underway - and being grateful for the emotional assurance that brings.

...the inbox of my work email account being under 20 for the first time in over a month.

...a relatively successful attempt at wearing a summer scarf (and faking an infinity scarf from a traditional, rectangular one, at that).

...working on the balance between vanity, simplicity and sustainability in my personal appearance.

...the fantastic combination of time spent scrapbooking while watching college football.

...a late-morning brunch (including delicious cinnamon biscuits) for us to enjoy before my love went to work this afternoon.

...the rhythms of using my "alone time" (i.e. the evenings and weekend days when Wildcat Guy works) well; and adjusting pretty successfully to our shift in household responsibilities.

What made your week good?


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