lessons from august

Oh, August. What a month you were! I learned...

...that my tendencies toward planning, organization and detail are being put to exceptionally good use in my professional role. (Also, I'm reminded that these are not skills everyone has in their arsenal.) The confidence from these realizations and recent experiences has brought me some useful comfort as I shift my focus to the next big projects ahead.

...how useful my new smart phone is. I still am not 100% comfortable using it, nor am I using it to its full potential. But in various moments throughout the month, I was super-glad I had it.

...new rhythms and routines as Wildcat Guy settled into his new job and we figured out new ways to make things happen around the house. And truthfully? I also have treasured the opportunity to have large chunks of weekend time to do with as I like.

...that, sometimes, there is nothing more satisfying than a day spent working with photos and catching up on episodes of a favorite tv show.

...to cut myself some slack. Not in the theoretical, "suuuurrre, of course I'm being kind to myself" kind of way, but in the real, genuine, "I am human and flawed and working at a pace in life that makes sense to me" kind of way. I want and need to maintain this.

(inspired by Emily Freeman's "What We Learned" invitation)


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