this week was good because of... opportunity to see interesting bits and pieces of Tampa.

...not feeling like things piled up too intensely while I was out of the office for most of the week.

...flying on Southwest Airlines. Oh, how I'd missed that! Even at 6:30 in the morning, it was a much better experience than my first trip out of DTW.

...the joy of coming home to my love. amazing professional development experience that I am going to benefit from immensely.

...the emotional courage to spend time at the networking socials each evening.

...great views from our meeting room - be it thunderstorms rolling in or sunny skies above the bay near campus.

...time on my last morning in Tampa to do a photo walk around campus.

...the fun history lesson on a walking tour of Ybor City (and an American perspective on certain portions of Cuban history, as well).

...the summer issue of a favorite magazine.

...spending an afternoon watching the final season of a show I was late to appreciate.

...a lovely bluegrass-y rendition of a favorite worship song at church this morning.

...the delightful bouquet of flowers waiting for me when I got home.

...letting myself have a low-key weekend, knowing life is about to get busy.

What made your week good?


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