this week was good because of...

...the pink lemonade cupcakes I took to work. (Yum!) sister-in-law's surgery going well on Thursday.

...motivation to get as much done as I can in as little time as possible (thanks to the additional four days I will be out of the office this coming week for a conference).

...remembering to breathe in moments of frustration.

...time on my own while Wildcat Guy went to see his family.

...a small furniture change that makes a big different in this space's functionality.

...being all caught up on "So You Think You Can Dance."

...this beautiful song featured in one of the pieces.

...the "Wild Summer Nights" picnic concert on Wednesday evening with Vintage Blonde and her family.

...watching fireflies rise from the window of my living room.

...this lovely quote that was a perfectly-timed reminder to focus more on doing my best work and less on worrying unnecessarily.

...complete amusement from the nature of GoogleDocs. (It's like magic!)

What made your week good?


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