these weeks were good because of...

...the opportunity to do some sightseeing in Dallas.

...being brave in small silly ways.

...having fun (and the timer on my camera).

...a short week at work to get myself re-organized and get a lot of tasks accomplished. interesting conference with lots of useful learning. love's support and open ear after an evening of ridiculous travel experiences.

...dinner out with my colleagues.

...getting to leave work a bit early on the day before a three-day weekend.

...a campus workshop about mindfulness that was intriguing and rewarding.

...celebrating the Fourth of July with local friends.

...time spent at the pool. awesome fireworks display that lasted for forty minutes!

...the lovely video to Tim McGraw's most recent song.

...delicious herb and olive oil-crusted bread to go with our chef salads tonight.

...the sermon at church this morning, reminding me of how important patience is.

What made your week good?


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