that one meal in tampa

I have to admit - I wasn't expecting to eat anything amazing on this week's trip. My travel itinerary required that a few meals would be at the airport; and while in Tampa, all but one of my meals was going to be at the university's dining hall.

That one meal, though. After arriving on campus, I joined two other conference participants for lunch at a restaurant down the street, recommended by one of the conference coordinators. From the moment we arrived, I had a good feeling about this meal.

Sadly, this one photo does not do this sandwich justice. Rookie move, not turning the sandwich to show the contents (because there was definitely more than lettuce on it!). Grilled mahi, creamy avocado and garlic aioli, on bread that was the perfect balance of crunchy and chewy...mmm. The fish was meaty and satisfying, the flavors blended well, and I was so happy I picked this.

Truthfully, it's a restaurant I will seek out any time I'm back in Tampa. The service was great, the environment was relaxing and fun...just a good choice. (There's also an extensive menu of teas that I would like to work my way through!)

And I do feel it necessary to mention the strawberry cheesecake that the campus dining services had at our closing dinner on Wednesday. I wouldn't say that cheesecake is the best choice to serve in Tampa in July...but even a little soft, it was yummy.

So maybe not the culinary treat that other trips may have been...but a couple of moments of delicious, nonetheless.


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