this week was good because of...

...a relaxing weekend spent mostly at home.

...not letting the pool being closed deter me from spending time outside.

...starting to assemble everything for an upcoming scrapbooking retreat.

...a Coney Island-style diner close to our place that had good food and service.

...the sermon at church today - a reminder of a sermon earlier this year emphasizing the distinction between needs and extra.

...recommendations from a local friend for important needs.

...making progress on a long list of tasks for August's Orientation Week.

...enjoying a much-anticipated movie (while acknowledging it could have been better).

...sweet potato "burgers" that were delicious and filling.

...Wildcat Guy's willingness to eat dishes he's not sure he'll like.

...this delightful magazine that I saw at Barnes & Noble - unfortunately not something I was able to splurge on today, but definitely one to consider in the future.

...a yoga practice that felt simple, but strong.

What made your week good?


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