this week was good because of...

...our first visit to the Detroit Zoo...and liking it so much we decided to become members.

...sunshine and temperatures that were just right for being outdoors.

...seeing a lot of cool animals - perhaps none moreso than the polar bear.

...weekends that truly feel like breaks. (This has been on my mind a lot recently, as I settle into the time demands - or lack thereof - of my job and feel the impact of working a more traditional structure of office hours.)

...sharing the day with our good friends (Vintage Blonde, Mr. Vintage Blonde, and Baby).

...gratitude for a budget that is comfortable enough for us to have fun.

...the beautiful Flaming Katy blooming in its new pot.

...Shutterfly's awesome timing of a free prints offer right when I needed to order some photos.

...a chai smoothie from the campus cafe.

...Wildcat Guy's first week at a new job (and surviving the transition to his new schedule).

...the choice to be patient and loving.

...feeling more and more convinced that we've found a church home here.

...a movie date on Memorial Day Monday (and breaking out the summer wedges).

...expanding my collaborative network in my professional role.

...pushing through when I'm challenged or frustrated by tasks.

...commuting safely in the monsoon of a rainstorm that hit on Tuesday.

...the opportunity to continue providing mentoring to former students.

What made your week good?


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