this week was good because of...

...a fun weekend of little moments with my love.

...another good experience at the church we tried last weekend.

...the new summer mix CD from an old friend.

...unexpected lunch plans with said friend, who was in the area with his significant other for the holiday weekend.

...gorgeous weather for the unofficial start of summer!

...the delightful "catching up on holidays" box we got from Mom and Dad. "end of year" picnic with the students.

...spending a little bit of time downtown taking photos.

...the opportunity to practice my favorite style of yoga.

...getting new tires for my little truck.

...the inside of the historic Fox Theater. Wow. inspiring thought by Dr. Saralyn Mark: "We are taught to listen...but do we really hear?"

...Wildcat Guy making progress in his job search.

...a delicious Sunday lunch at a neat bakery cafe.

...having my planning and work for a major departmental event complimented.

...conversations with my supervisor about how my current position could evolve.

What made your week good?


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